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    Warranty & Repair


    After your purchase, we make sure you get the best service and service!

    All our devices come with a 3-year warranty included.


    Waiting weeks for your repair is a thing of the past. Thanks to our years of experience and in-house repair service, most defects can be repaired within 72 hours. As an extra service, you can also physically visit our service point in Zaventem for a smooth repair of your phone.

    Our warranty covers all technical defects for 3 years, or 12 months for the battery. Think of problems with the camera, speakers, microphone, buttons, etc.

    Our warranty is voided if the phone is damaged due to improper use. Think of damage such as:

    • Cracked glass and technical parts
    • Water damage
    • Defects resulting from shock/fall damage
    • Speaker, microphone or charging connector malfunctioning due to dust/dirt.

    Please note: If you return or bring in your device to us for repair and the defect falls outside the warranty conditions, a €39.95 examination and return fee will be charged before we can return the device.

    For a detailed description of our warranty conditions, please read our general terms and conditions.


    Returning your item for repair

    To send your product as a return, proceed as follows:

    1. Register your return.

    2. Complete the return form and include it in your return box.

    3. Log out your iCloud account from the device and remove the 4/6 digit access code.

    4. Return your iPhone with sufficient protective material. Please note, only return your iPhone. Accessories such as a case, SIM card, charger or other items will be recycled upon receipt.

    Return address for repairs:
    Reswipe BV
    Leuvensesteenweg 613
    1930 Zaventem

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